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For those who have never listened to, or even heard about, Derek Nash, do yourself a favour and get this CD.  He is a truly remarkable and extremely versatile saxophonist, seemingly equally adept with all the saxophones, from soprano through to baritone.  He manages prodigious swing on all four instruments and is superbly supported by a marvellous rhythm section comprising the incomparable Dave Newton on piano, the wonderfully melodic Geoff Gascoyne on bass, and, keping them all in line, the sublimely understanded Sebastiaan de Krom on drums.  Between the four of them they make some wonderful music and, when augmented by the crystal tones of Martin Shaw (as a guest of four of the tracks) on trumpet, the overall impression is quite sublime.  If you haven't gathered - I'm quite partial to this particular disc and unhesitatingly recommend it to all lovers of straight ahead, swinging modern jazz.  5/5 stars

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