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Derek Nash is a top rate British jazz musician, especially pleasing to hear live (his enthusiasm is truly infectious inspiring his band and audience alike).  This CD is the second from his "acoustic quartet" (he leads several bands including the recommended Sax Appeal).  The band features star pianist David Newton, totally teliable Geoff Gascoyne on bass and inventive drummer Sebastiaan de Krom.  On this album trumpeter Martin Shaw adds his voice.  Everyone gets plenty of solo time but the star is reed man Derek Nash who plays saxophones of all sizes.  Derek is also an inventive composer, in some cases tunes co-composed with his father.  From the first note of "Secret Love" (Once I had a....) to the last of Duke Ellington's "Morning Glory" (actually recorded at the "Joyriding session") there is not a duff note.  Eleven tracks, some ballads, some faster.  A superb variety to keep one entertained.  The standard of musicianship (and recording) is outsanding.  This is British modern jazz at its very best.  Thoroughly recommended.  Every track a work of art, every note a pearl.  And the title track: well apparently some advice from Thelonius Monk set to music!  I assure you that you'll dig this album.  You dig?  5/5                                                                             


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