Joyriding - Review by Robert Shore

Derek Nash is a busy man.  He's a key member of Jools Holland's hard-touring Rhythm and Blues Orchestra, leader of Sax Appeal and a founder member of the funky Protect the Beat.  In addition, he runs his own recording studio and is the co-director of bijou UK independent label Jazzizit.  So it's a wonder he had time to write seven of the 11 compositions here (three of them co-written with his father, Pat, arranger for the BBC Northern Dance Orchestra for more than 35 years) and put together a band to play them.  But with collaborators of the quality of Dave Newton on piano and Geoff Gascoyne and Sebastiaan de Krom on bass and drums, it's little or no surprise that they were able to get the recording done in a day.  And the results are charming, straddling Blue Note to bossa inspirations.  Best of the originals is "Love at First Sound", a swoony delight, the warm romanticism of Nash's blowing perfectly matched by Newton's tenderly tinkling piano lines.  Phil Phillip's "Be My Valentine" gets two treatments, the second featuring vocals by Beverley Vaughan.

Review by Robert Shore - Jazzwise

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