Joyriding - Review by Neil McKim

Even the cover of this album, with its stylish close-up of a Mini, evokes the artwork of a retro Blue Note recording.  And reassuringly this sense of promise is completely vindicated by the music.  Derek Nash, an accomplished and diverse UK artist, is more widely visible to the general public than many, thanks to TV appearances as part of Jools Holland's band.  Also notable for his work with Jamie Cullum (on Pointless Nostalgic), he is firmly at the heart of the UK jazz scene.  He's joined here by a top-flight band, with several alumni from that early Cullum disc.  The opener goes straight in with a Lee Morgan-style groove which launches a balanced mix of straight-ahead standards and penned collaborations with his father, Pat Nash - a former BBC danace orchestra arranger.  And with the likes of "Voodoo Rex" adding a tumbling New Orleans party flavour, it's an album that truly lives up to its joyful title.

Review by Neil McKim, BBC Music Magazine - 23rd November 2011

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